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Do you know what are in trip to north korea?

As the number of ads for North Korea is increasing on China's social and travel media platforms as well as in Vietnam and other countries’ social, many people in tourism industry say they are confident that we can expect an explosion in North Korea, especially in North Korea tourism.  In particular, after the historic summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, the image of North Korea has improved, becoming a more peaceful and safe nation, thereby attracting more and more visitors to visit.

The attraction from a mysterious country
The latest event in North Korea that attracts the attention of foreign visitors is the 30th Mangyongdae International Marathon held in the capital of this country - Pyongyang in April. Over the past 5 years, more than 1,000 foreigners attended this event through travel companies outside Pyongyang. They called the event "a valuable opportunity for foreigners to explore the streets of the mysterious city" and take pictures with the locals in the competition.
Such an experience, as well as riding a Mi-17 helicopter and skiing in Masikryong Ski Resort, is also brought to foreign visitors. For the majority of travel companies offering tours to Korea, their itinerary often includes visits to Kim II-sung Square, Juche Tower and Mangyongdae Revolutionary Museum in Pyongyang, also like the Panmunjom war village - which separates Korea and South Korea for more than seven decades. There are many other activities that tourist can enjoy in the trip to north korea, it means that you have to directly enjoy if you want to know what are in a trip to this mysterious country.
According to estimate by experts, Pyongyang seems to have set a target of attracting 2 million visitors a year by 2020, making tourism one of the industries that bring foreign currency to Korea in the context of them still is receiving a series of international sanctions for nuclear ambitions for many years. To achieve this result, the Chairman of North Korea did have many activities which promote the development of this country’s tourism.

The development of North Korea tourism
To help you know that in recent years, North Korea has significant advances in the development of tourism industry, we would like to show you some information related to this development.
There is no official information on how many foreign tourists have come to North Korea. However, after relations between China and North Korea improved, more and more Beijing tourists came to Pyongyang. Before May, the number of Chinese tourists was about 100 per day, but so far this number has increased 10 times, according to some North Korean travel companies. Tourists began to appear more in places of interest in the city, such as floating restaurants on the ship, zoo, historical sites, contributing to the development of the North Korean economy. Major tourism companies in North Korea are also eyeing more Western tourists and hiring more English-speaking tour guides. If the planned summit between US and North Korean leaders goes well, the number of Western tourists may increase.
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Update : 18-03-2019
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