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Head hunting firms - Art and the peak of the 21st century HR intelligence

Head hunting - Some of you may have heard about this term, headhunting is not new in human resources and recruiting in the world in general but for Vietnamese entrepreneurs and businesses it is quite strange. No one knows when the term appeared, but everyone guessed that the headhunting job appeared from a long time ago, and now it one again become a new trend in human resource areas. Today’s headhunters have proven their stature in the global recruiting industry. Therefore, we think that all of you want to know more about head hunting firms
General information
Indeed, headhunting is also a form of selecting and recruiting talent but at a higher level and harder than we often think of the traditional hiring process. Headhunters will try their best to find a way to contact a particular person, who has special qualities and skills that are highly suited to the intended purpose and position. Then they have to create a relationship to persuade candidates to participate in his or her special recruitment process. 
Thus, headhunting is an art of planning, communication, persuading, negotiating, and understanding human psychology at the peak and the objects of headhunters who are often managers. Management and senior leaders of companies, large corporations in Vietnam in particular and the world in general usually want to use headhunters in their recruiting process.
Some other interesting information
Commonly, companies use headhunting service when they have to face with recruiting problem or when their relationship and potential candidate’s profile can not meet their demand. They do not want to waste time so they are willing to pay fee for using a service that can help them recruit personnel. 
The purpose of headhunters is to find the best and most potential candidates who have special skills or is the purpose of many companies and competitors, therefore, they rarely find a new graduated person.
If you work in human resource areas, there is no guarantee that you can be a head hunter because you not only must have recruitment skills, but also some skills similar to those of professional sellers. Besides, you must have a vivid imagination about how to get the contact details of the candidate because the email and phone number are not always available for you to find. You have to be persuasive, not only to convince them to come to work with you but to find the right reason and to convince both their secretaries and colleagues, some time you have to lie because you have no choice in order to invent the details and all just to get a contact. 
Depending on the level of professionalism of all parties involved in head hunt contract, headhunting will be considered legal or illegal. How the head hunter gets information and uses your information will determine the extent of the violation. But of course, the head hunting firms will use their skills to make sure that their activities are legal and they will secure their way to do that because it is career secret.
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Update : 24-02-2019
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