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How can I travel to north korea in this occasion?

If you love and want to discover the secret of the most secretive country in the world – North Korea, you need to read this article, so as not to suffer from the unfortunate situations while in the country. Laws and regulations for tourists traveling to North Korea will be mentioned in this article. The coming holidays of the Vietnamese community are relatively long, so it will be an opportunity for us to conduct a summer trip to the mysterious country. In addition to learning about how to come to Korea, readers are also equipped with many other important knowledge.
Preliminary introduction and guidance on how to travel to Korea
As a country undergoing many wars in history, modern North Korea is no different from subsidy. When all cities, the people and the country of this country are closed to the world. There are no advertising boards, there are not  cars or the internet. In recent years, with bringing large foreign currency revenue and introducing North Korea to people all over the world, the tourism industry has changed a lot. Specifically, this national leader has made positive moves by announcing policies to support tourism development.
For the way to move to North Korea or how can I travel to north korea, there are two main forms of travel: by plane and by train. Whichever way you choose, the starting point will be China. After the recent US-North Korea summit in Hanoi, Vietnam hopes to become another gateway for Vietnam-Korea tourism to become more convenient.
Notes when traveling to North Korea  
Besides, North Korea also has many rules and regulations. The rules for visitors when traveling to this country tour include the following provisions. Regarding costumes, you need to dress politely and discreetly when traveling to Korea. In particular, when visiting Kumsusan Sun Palace - where the dead of North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are placed, you should be aware of the dark clothes, the toe-and-toe shoes, the jeans, the khaki, the chiffon shirt ... It is explained as the remnant of the empire. Do not take pictures or pointing when you have entered North Korea. Korean people like to wear "uniforms", usually green or gray clothes. Virtually we can not seen the colors, especially bright colors. Everywhere we see hanging pictures of leader Kim Nhat Thanh. The lives of North Koreans find it difficult, the means of transportation are mainly bicycles. When you visit this country through tourist tour, you will be surprised by Korea's wildness and tranquility.
For photographic activities, local guides will inform you in advance of possible places and are not allowed to take photos before visiting. The pictures only capture a part of the leadership statue is also not accepted. If you want to take photos at the monument area, visitors should take note of the panorama of the statue. Besides, do not take photos of the working people and the army who are performing their duties (even standing guard). If you go on a Korean tour, you need to follow the rules of the host country to make your trip most convenient.
Visitors are not allowed to come, visit and stay at the home of the local people (including relatives or friends). Especially not being interviewed or looking for information from them. Complying with some principles in public places, not whistling, not shouting in public. When traveling to Korea, the tourist's passport will be kept by the Korean tour guide until the end of the tour here, will be refunded.
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Update : 19-04-2019
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