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Mekong Delta Vietnam


6h30 AM Car and tour guide will pick you up at the rendezvous to Ben Tre Cho Lom Village. The second largest flower village in the Western Mekong Delta. On the way will go through Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong Highway, across the territory of Long An Province. Through the site of the Vam Co Dong River, Vam Co Tay tourists will find out about the people and specialties of this country such as Dao Nang Thom. Go Dau Go ...
8:00 am delegation to MeKong stop in the province of Tien Giang. Enjoy the legendary My Tho Missus, listen to the anecdote about the beautiful Tien Giang - Nam Phuong Hoang Hau, the last Hoang Hau feudal dynasty of Vietnam
9h30 Delegation to Cho Lach flower village to experience and immersed in the space of thousands of flowers a brilliant sky. The flowers are bragging with the shapes are the gardeners bending sunshine as sophisticated as Plum blossoms, flowers Five flowers, orchids, Dahlias flowers, chicken flowers and especially the field of flowers yellow flowers Van Thoin Mekong Delta Vietnam. The good thing is you not only visit, learn about the homeland Dong Khoi but also manually choose for yourself the most brilliant flowers, freshest green at home garden with reasonable prices. It is a great combination to give visitors the opportunity to decorate their family space more spring, busy to welcome Tet!
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