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Ninh Binh Tours with most competitive prices and services

 Trang An is a famous tourist attraction of Ninh Binh province - one of the beautiful watercolor paintings that are far and away of heaven and nature. In this place, there are all 50 dry and wet caves, these caves are joined together by the water valleys create a wonderful circle. The sky, the green, the water and the people are intertwined together hidden under the golden sun of autumn.
Rowing in Trang An - Ninh Binh
Leaning on the boat, listening to each piece of water smashing on the boat but also see the compensation. Each valley of water here is a different picture of the mountain shape. The blue water interrupted gentle with the low grass side tops white cotton, black cotton. Sometimes startled by the acrobatics under the water, 'froze' of the frogs. Some beautiful white butterflies lined the road. A funny guest, curious to see the ball light up the water suddenly startled by the 'swinging' eyes of the fat carp nò nách. Orange, black, and brown. Waving their hands in the water, they did not frighten them, they ran away, still clutching at the three of them in a tantrum!
Ninh Binh is a land of nature in favor of many beautiful landscapes
Ninh Binh is a land of nature in favor of many beautiful landscapes
Boulders, baby with the shape of legs encroachment stand up nearly half of the cave door. Shaggy, rustic on the head of the moss bushes. They really love each other. There was the sound of the wind and the birds singing into the cave and then melted into the sound of the insect coursewind. It is very hard to see some insects because the cave is very bad. Suddenly, there was light yellow in the bottom of the cave. On the sides of the rocky mountain, the sky is yellow, the white of the wind and rain. Then she added a blue color to the eyes of the rich class. Hands down the water, visitors can feel the cool cool to the heart. Flick your hands on the stone, a feeling that is hard to say.
The sunshine about noon oui more than angry as why the boat so fast, leaving behind a sad shadow. Under the tanned hands of the boatman, funny clowns along with the stories he talked about the people, the water, the rock here, as it increases the excitement, curiosity in each visitor. .
Each boat rhythmically swept down the stream toward the remote limestone mountains. The paddles flicked up and then drowned again, sometimes heard the 'sticks' hit on the boat. The majestic mountains of fascination gradually appeared under the clouds. Through the trees, above the sunshine alternating shimmer with leaf color, the water rolled wave ripple with a bunch of lazy lazy swing bottom.
Throughout Ninh Binh Tours with most competitive prices and services is how many times the eyes must be a letter, the mouth draw the umbrella, the columns buckling themselves out of the way to avoid dodging, the twists startled imprisoned, the water rushed down the wall do not hesitate to small to anyone. Only wish for peace, so no need to noisy but still shaking heart!
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