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 Located in the complex of cultural works in Column 3 (Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province), Quang Ninh Museum and Library is one of the key projects to celebrate the 50th anniversary. province (30/10/1963 - 30/10/2013). With unique architecture, beautiful space, many valuable exhibits, the Museum - Quang Ninh Library became a new tourism product, attracting crowds and visitors to visit.
Designed by Spanish architect Salvador Perez Arroyo, the Museum - Library of Quang Ninh is located on a total area of ​​nearly 24,000m² with a total investment of over 900 billion VND, including 3 blocks linked to The bridge overhead system is a museum, library and seminar area, display. Get ideas from the image of coal - the mineral characteristic of Quang Ninh, the cluster as a symbol on the most beautiful coastal road Ha Long. In particular, the building is fitted with 14,000 m² of semi-rigid glass that is self-breaking due to heat transfer. With bold architectural methods, works as a giant mirror reflect the world natural heritage Ha Long Bay.

Discover Quang Ninh Museum with its own unique
Discover Quang Ninh Museum with its own unique
As soon as you step into the ground floor of the museum block, visitors will admire the whale skeleton and sailboat model. The first floor is arranged in the form of mountain tube made of modern materials such as steel frames, toughened glass balustrades and especially the fabric covering the images of Ha Long Bay with the technology. Light showings create water effects that make visitors feel like walking in the space of Halong Bay miniature. The second floor of the wooden boat model to introduce Quang Ninh through the prehistoric, prehistoric, Bach Dang victory, anti-French, anti-American and Buddhist culture Truc Lam Yen Tu  At the third floor, visitors will be able to visit the space displaying the economic achievements, cultural characteristics of the peoples of Quang Ninh province; images of Uncle Ho to visit and work in Quang Ninh; The objects used in mining activities, especially the coal industry through the simulation of the coal mining system with wooden columns, trusses, trailers ... to help viewers have the actual experience. about this industry.
Besides the museum block, the library block is also designed in a modern style, in which the ground floor is the store of books, newspapers, magazines with more than 100,000 books in all fields. The first floor consists of a conference room, a conference room, a children's activity room, a reading room, a projection room and a stage, a cafeteria space. : oval 1 displays children's books, oval 2 and 3 where they can do presentations, movies, paintings ... The mezzanine has a business reading room, a newspaper display room, a magazine reading room , a foreign language bookstore, a rotary warehouse, a lookup store, a special material store, and an internet room. The second floor includes an integrated reading room, a reading room for people with disabilities, a comprehensive literature store with over 200,000 books and a conference room with over 60 seats. 
It is connected to tourist sites such as the clusters of Bai Tho Mountain (Bai Tho Mountain, Duc Tran Quoc Nghien Temple, Long Tien Temple), Hong Gai Church, Long Marine Plaza, commercial center of Vincom Center Ha Long ..., Museum - Library Quang Ninh is a unique tourism products containing values ​​of daily life, production and daily labor of local people. . To Ha Long, visitors have just had a chance to visit the relics, cultural works, and participate in recreational activities and shopping as well as experience the life of the people of the city. 
The Museum - Quang Ninh Library is open to visitors from 9h00 to 11h30 and 14h00 to 18h00 every Tuesday to Saturday. The project has contributed to the promotion and development of culture and tourism Quang Ninh to domestic tourists and international friends.
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Update : 30-01-2018
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