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Hoi An Ancient Town is recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage. This is one of the most attractive destinations in Central Vietnam. Here are some things to avoid when exploring this special old town.

Flight tickets

Ticket sales in Hoi An ancient town is not as strict as many famous relics in the world. Many visitors can easily go to the old town without checking the tickets.

However, you should buy tickets for sightseeing as this is one of the sources of income to preserve and restore the old town. In return, visitors to buy tickets will be selected 4 of the 21 destinations such as museums, cultural buildings, ancient houses, Assembly ... In addition, visitors are also guided detailed maps, the The unique culture of Hoi An.

If the group travels from 8 people become, the delegation will also be arranged a tour guide to accompany. Ticket price to visit Hoi An ancient town is 80,000 VND for domestic customers and 120,000 VND for international guests, children are free.

Go in the rainy season

The best time to visit Hoi An is from January to July. Visitors should avoid Hoi An in the rainy season at the end of the year.

Hoi An has retained its authentic style and is a beautiful part of Vietnam
Hoi An has retained its authentic style and is a beautiful part of Vietnam

The old town is located on the Huai River, so it is very vulnerable to heavy rain. Hoi An rainy days are often empty and quite gloomy, travel, eating in the alleyway also becomes inconvenient.

Open the row

Homestay owners or acquaintances in Hoi An often advise visitors to open in the morning. People here pay special attention to the first buyer of the day. If you go to a shop early in the morning, should avoid the contract, pay the price. If possible buy a small item and have fun chatting with the shippers to get them lucky all day.

Take a motorcycle to the old town

Many streets of Hoi An prohibit motorized vehicles traveling by the hour. Specifically, Tran Phu, Nguyen Hue, Ngoc Hoa Women and the entire road in front of the Square (along Hoai River) all motorbike limit 9h - 11h and 15h - 21h30 all days of the week.

Hoi An ancient town is not too big, you can walk, bike or ride a pedicab to slowly explore every corner here.

Dressed in disgust

Hoi An has many spiritual monuments such as Phuoc Lam, Chuc Thanh, Long Tuyen ... so visitors should wear polite attire when visiting sanctuary. There have been cases where visitors were denied entrance because of wearing shorts, skirts.

Crushs, pushing

High season trip, Hoi An very crowded. Some famous attractions or cafes are often overloaded. If you come to the old town at this time, please patiently stand in line waiting for the turn, do not push, push. When walking around the old town, travelers are also advised not to carry loudspeakers of large capacity, avoid the noisy in public places.

Hurry up in Hoi An

Old Town is not suitable for those who like dynamic, noisy rhythm. The morning here usually starts quite late while the evening ends prematurely. Hoi An is not too big but you should stay here 2-3 days to have time to roam and feel the pace of life here.

The "Things to know about order, business, environment in tourism in the old town" by the People's Committee of Hoi An, Quang Nam.

Prohibition: Premature activities, rowing, begging; advertising on the street, in front of the house without permission; use of motorized vehicles; put the car, the items in the alley; circulation of electronic vehicles, loudspeakers for sale; Capture aquatic species from An Hoi Bridge to Hoai River Square.

Should not: Selling modern goods, trading under the roadside, on bridges, goods on the roadside must have a permit from the local government; use tents, umbrellas, walls to shield the place of sale; damaged, old, colored silver lanterns, non-local lanterns; use the sidewalk, balcony and front yard to expose the family; dress, use the lack of courtesy.

Do: Use signs with traditional materials; Objects used for food and beverage business, goods made of wood and bamboo; remind travelers to buy tickets to visit; polite, fun, sincere when communicating, dealing with guests; Plant flowers, bonsai fit, dress in courtesy.

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Update : 17-11-2018
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